“You can’t do this work without doing this work.” 

This is a major mantra of the TED* Practitioner Program.  For those of us who desire to serve others by applying the frameworks and processes available through TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) ™, it is important to apply them – first and foremost – to our own work and lives. 

Whether serving as a Co-Creator, Challenger or Coach, this work is not something to “do to” others.  We cannot make “shift happen” in others.  If we are able to see the other as a Creator in their own right, we know that the power and responsibility for change stays with them.

What we can do – and the work that is ours to do – is to model for others how we make shift happen in our own lives as we grow beyond the drama roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer.  That is how we “do this work.”  By doing our own work of living empowered lives, we invite, model, and support others in doing what is theirs to do.

This past week, we welcomed the third cohort of TED* Practitioners to Bainbridge Island.  They came from as far away as Australia. Their ages ranged from mid-20s to early-70s.  They are therapists, coaches, educators, business people, entrepreneurs, public leaders – all committed to more fully understanding the “complexity behind the simplicity” of TED* and applying it in their lives.

Look for their names, faces and areas of service soon on the TED* Practitioner page of our website.  In the meantime, keep doing the work that is yours to do!